reindeer in the sun

Dragon Flies.

Was driving up the freeway, the other evening. It was this long stretch, where a lot of rural landscape rests. The air was full of Dragonflies. Hundreds. It's really an interesting insect. Especially with those quad wings that give them the capacity to go from total hover to darting in any direction at will. Seems like a species that should have come right out of a fantasy.

Just a little dribble to pass as a long delayed post to this LJ site.

Dibs on it attracting bot's selling junk.
reindeer in the sun

Mafia II for PS3.

Just rented this title from RedBox, the other day.

Mafia II for the PS3.

This is one of those GTA knock offs. And, they have done it right. Heavy plot. Excellent controls. Tons of voice acting. Appears to be trying for an atmosphere that actually lives. Like, this guy that's knocking on a door, yelling at the occupant to turn down a radio. A cat that hops up on a ledge, then hisses at you. Littler things that may or may not make any difference. A definite GTA that is set in the 1940's.

RedBox is OK for game renting. $2. Just the selection is so-so. Machines have a reliable quantitiy of zero to eight. Some even have two screens worth. I'll miss GameTag...which just closed down about a week back...with their hundred-plus racks of titles. There's still a BlockBusters about...for now.

I'll be sure to buy this title.

reindeer in the sun

Happy New Year!

Here I sit at a local Mcy D's. Using the free internet.

I see there's one party listed. Two hours drive. Too far.

So, I worked until 4. Got some early and cheap KFC dinner.

Went to the discount theatre. Where I caught a surprisingly riveting movie called 'Unstopable'. It's all about a real event, where a train runs amok over Human error. And, I kid you not. Once the train starts moving, this movie does not let go. Since it's based on reality, it truly has a lot of nail biting moments.

In about 30 minutes, I'll head back over for either a 9:40 or 9:45 flick. Undecided.

Afterwards, I might count down with some casino goers.

So, that's my New Years bit. Dinner, movie and a little bit more.
reindeer in the sun

Super Scribblenaughts approach to video. NSFW.

This is a rather fun little video. Mind you, it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I was trying to use the LJ Cut. But, something isn't meshing correctly. So...just don't click play if you are at work. ;)

It doesn't matter if you choose to shoot the bear or not. What is so rewarding is playing the word game, afterwards. Lots of keywords lead to crazy little scenes. Like 'football' has a naked lady run through. I just tried 'smokes' for a slightly humorous anti-drug bit. I prefere 'becomes', for obvious reasons. :D

There are also a lot of words that just lead to a 404 error bit and one where the bear refuses to 'do it'.

It is an ad for some office ink eraser product. But, they just prove that ads don't have to be annoying to work.

reindeer in the sun

Antheria review.

This little So. Cal. Start-up con kept it's head above water when the situation became choppy. With barely one week's gap, it had to relocate it's chosen home base to a cozy, beach side hotel. One that had barely two (or maybe three) con meet rooms. The smaller of which, went to the half dozen or so dealers. The other, went to another event...some kind of wedding shower that was booked further in advance then the con ever had a chance to reserve. So...the plan was to give the day's activities to the beach zone. Sadly, that area had been closed off to reasons I hadn't learned. attendees found ample room in the dining area/internet nook and front lawn. (I heard there was also some sort of swimming pool or jacuzzi, but never found it.) And, apparently, there was also some cluster of shops and an arcade that accommodated exploration for both undercover and fully suited, alike. Come the evening, we got access to the main meeting room. (Somewhere between the tiny to less-then-medium sized meet rooms at any regular con hotel.) Every chair in the place was hustled in for a twin comedy show between Unkle Kage and Ranting 2. Followed up by a dance. (Which, seemed to be loud and under attended. But, maybe as the night rolled on, either was closed down, so folks could sleep...or actually picked up. Though, I never saw more then six people attending at any given minute.) The hotel staff was very accommodating. (Unlike some of the snobs that work at other con's hotels.) I even overheard a quick lecture about how the lower floor was to be kept open, despite how late into the evening it may have been. Total attendance of the con was somewhere around 200-300. Not bad at all for a con's first year. And, given the size of the hotel, was the perfect balance between cozy and cramped. Rumors were that next year, the neighboring hotel might be the aim for home base. If attendance grows, we'll need the extra space. All in all, a very nice, cozy experience. Although, the usual Saturday at other cons was this one's Friday. Hopefully, the Sunday at the private cove went well.